How to be a Better Tourist

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How to Be a Better Tourist offers a fresh perspective
on making your vacation truly worthwhile.
After all, what if all your vacations seem
to be getting more and more the same? What
if being a tourist is suddenly no longer quite as
innocent as it first seemed? Or what if your long
list of must-sees in fact stresses you out? As the
writer Elbert Hubbard poignantly put it, “No man
needs a vacation so much as the man who has
just had one.”
Find out why you should perhaps stay at home.
Understand why you also need to work while on
vacation. Read why tourists should visit supermarkets
and residential districts too. Our typical
vacation behaviour – visiting the maximum
number of highlights in the minimum amount
of time – is rarely the most rewarding. How to
Be a Better Tourist helps you get the most out
of your stay without damaging the soul of your
destination. Because, ultimately, an imaginatively
considered vacation is a genuinely rewarding

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