Robot Memory Game

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H 7.50 cm / B 14.50 cm / 375.00 g

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Robot Memory Game gives an overview of the
many areas robots appear in our society.
All robot domains will get a description to explain
the robot on the latest developments and reason
they exist. The introduction faces the position of
the robot in our human environment. All memory
sets will contain two different examples.
• fun memory game with all types of (world-famous)
robots: social robots, historical robots,
illustrated robots
• train your memory and your knowledge of

Mieke Gerritzen is founder of NL.Design,
an Amsterdam-based design company that
produces designs for all media. Mieke has
taught multimedia design at the Sandberg
Institute and the Rietveld Academy. She
designed books, catalogues and posters and
has been appointed new director of the Graphic
Design Museum in Breda as of January 1, 2009.

Koert van Mensvoort is a philosopher, scientist,
researcher and artist. He is an assistent
Professor at the Eindhoven University of
Technology, the Netherlands and co-director
of the All-Media foundation, an organisation
that researches and visualizes current cultural

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